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Children Playing
Children Playing by Counselling

Dear Son,

I spent a lot of my day today preparing for a game with your mother.  We love to play fantasy role-playing games together, and have spent many, many hours immersed in worlds that we have created together.

It is far from the first time and probably won;t be the last that I spend the better part of my day creating a world in anticipation of a the big payoff of a long time gaming together.  In fact I have put a massive amount of effort into creating this game for a good reason.

The time you spend with the people you love enjoying your time together is the most important time spent in your life.  They are the moments that we work hard to make possible;  the ones that we can look back on with fond memory at the end of our lives; the ones that give us strength.

I hope that I will fill your life full of games, stories, and vacations together.  To share with you as many of those worthy experiences as I can.

With excitement,


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