Roaring Lion

Stand Up for Yourself!

Dear Son, One thing I hope that you will learn early, and learn better than I did when I was young, is how to have good boundaries.  I hope you come to know what you want in life, and what you don’t want in life.  And I hope that you hold yourself in high esteem:  […]

Baby with a Pile of Colourful Toys

Consumerism and Minimalism

Dear Son, I am writing this letter to you as your mother and I are browsing a baby store for essentials, toys, etc. for a gift registry. We are preparing for your arrival by making sure that you have the things that you will need to be safe, comfortable and happy. The baby biz  is […]

Emergency Helicopter Rescuing Person from Forest Fire

Prefer Actions Over Words

Dear Son, Anyone can talk a good game.  They can tell you all about what they think and believe, and it costs them nothing but the energy to move their lips.  In other words, talk is cheap. Action, on the other hand, costs.  It takes up calories, it comes with risks and consequences.  People can […]

Horses Running Free in the Mist

Respect: The Basics

Dear Son, I find a lot of people speak about respect, but every few understand the concept fully.  Many people mistake respect for deference, submission, or obedience.  But it is far from being any of those things.  In fact, a respectful person sometimes has to speak up in the face of authority, stand up to […]

Horse-Drawn Carriages

Good Manners Will Never Be Unfashionable

Dear Son, Perhaps I should consider it a bad omen that while I was searching my favourite public domain image library for an image of people being polite or kind, the collection couldn’t find anything, and so instead of “polite” went to “plolitical” and came up with many images of angry protesters making rude gestures.  […]

Antique Map and Compass

Character is Something You Do

Dear Son, I worry sometimes that I am bringing you into a world that has become morally and culturally bankrupt.  On the one hand we have peace and prosperity to a degree no human civilization has ever known before, but on the other hand, we also live in a time when people sneer at the […]

Friends Shaking Hands Across a National Border

Every Relationship is a Work in Progress

Dear Son, Every relationship you have is always going to be a work in progress.  You build them up slowly over time with the interactions you have with the other person.  Each little thing you do that is kind, caring, decent, or fun with the other person – each thing that gives them a chance […]

Bundle of Chinese Coins

Remember What Money is For

Dear Son, People get so wound up and confused about money that it is easy to forget what it is and why it is important.  Young men in particular, can get hung up worrying about money, wanting money, or just trying to figure out what money is about that it becomes a point of obsession. […]