Hold me Accountable!

Training by MrTommy

Dear Son,

My intention with this weblog is to write at least one letter for every day from the start of the project, when your mother was around 24 weeks pregnant to the day you were born.  It is a way for me to prepare myself to parent you, and to create something for you that I can give you as you pass from boyhood into young adulthood.  Or – if something terrible should happen to me, to have something from me even when I am gone that I can give you, so that I can still be a guide and counsel in your life in at least a small way.

Real parenting, though, is hard work work and honesty.  I need to show you humility, kindness, and character.

And so these letters will never stand in for good, honest, direct, and real conversations.  Part of my job as your father will be to have those conversations, even when I am stressed out, uncomfortable, frustrated, or pressed for time.  Teaching you character by having it is my big challenge.

On that basis I want you to call me on it if I ever try to use these letters as a substitute for parenting.  If I try to point you to a letter rather than hold a conversation with you, if I try to say “you know what I think” call me on it.  These letters are a gift – and a contingency.  They are never going to be an excuse.

Hold me to it.


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