Hands: Holding, Embracing, Loving

A Father’s Promise

Hands: Holding, Embracing, Loving
Hands: Holding, Embracing, Loving by John Hain

Dear Son,

I cannot make a lot of promises to you about how life is going to be.  I don’t even wish that I could. Watching you explore and learn and have your own experiences is part of what I am looking forward to the most about your arrival.

I know that you will be loved.  I know that you will laugh and play a lot as a child.  I know that I will try my absolute best to be a kind and gentle father to you as a little boy, so that you learn to think for yourself, and you feel safe to explore the world around you.

I know that you will face bullying, peer pressure, and the temptation to do things you know I won’t approve of.  And I know that you won’t always make the right choice when you are faced with those things.  And I know that you will learn from your mistakes, which will make you a better person as you grow up.  I know that I will be forgiving, and that I will aim to guide you instead of punish you when you make mistakes.  After all it is my job to help you learn how to make good decisions, and it is your job to learn.

I know you will be different from me, and we won’t always agree on everything; we’ll disagree, argue, negotiate, and sometimes just fail to understand each other.  I know that I won’t be disappointed by that, because I want to see you become your own man.  Every time you disagree with me, it is a sign that I am doing something right.  I will cherish the person you will become.

I know that you will fall in love many times, feel nervous approaching people you are interested in, and that sometimes you’ll be rejected.  I know that if I can, I will be there to help you recover from your heartbreak, and that I will try my best to help you find the confidence, and the many poise so that you won’t get rejected too often.

I know that you won’t be perfect, and I know that won’t matter to me.  I’m not perfect either.  I’ll love you anyway.

And I know this will be an adventure.



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