Expecting Couple

A Scare

Expecting Couple
Expecting Couple, by GGOMANG

Dear Son,

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary – and you gave us quite a scare!  You were quiet all morning, you didn’t move or kick in a way your mother could feel.  We were terrified that we lost you somehow!  We spent our morning in the hospital trying to make sure that you were alright.

You were.  You’d only moved to a spot where Your Mother was far less likely to feel your movements.  Being able to hear your heartbeat on the monitor, and see your movements register on a machine was a huge relief to us.  The best anniversary present we could have asked for.

You are a big part of our lives, already.  We are so looking forward to meeting you.  But becoming a parent can be scary and heartbreaking work.  It is sometimes hard, especially when you feel helpless to help the people you care about, to keep perspective.

I learned a lot about being a parent yesterday.

With love,


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