I’m Not Going to be a Perfect Dad

Solitude by Unsplash

Dear Son,

This week my letters have been sporadic to you.  I’ve been running around a lot, and so much of the time I’ve been writing them when I can, usually two or three at a time, and mostly in Evernote, and then copying them into this website when I find the time.  Sometimes I’ve had to write three or four in a row to make up for – or prepare for – missed days.

But I always do make them up.  This commitment is important to me.  Sometimes life gets in the way, whether that is headaches, client emergencies, ore whatever else comes up.  Nobody can be perfect, and there will be times where I will have to disappoint you, delay making good on a promise, or put off the time together that I really want to spend with you.  Know that even when life gets in the way, you and your mother are my top priority.  What I do in my life is in loving service to you both, and I will always do my best to make it up to you.  That is one of my personal non-negotiables.

I do not want you to grow up as so many of my friends did with fathers who were full of broken promises, or who would come home at the end of every day and just deflate, with no time for their sons or daughters.   I also hope that I will raise you to be the kind of son who, when he is in need, is willing to stand up and say “Dad, I need some of your time.  let’s make a date to talk as soon as possible.”

After all, in the end, it is the time I get to spend with you and your mother and the relationships and love I create in my life, not my writing, my clients, or my hobbies that will matter to me when I am old and gray.

With love,


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