First Impressions

Handshake,by SCY

Dear Son,

There is a popular saying that I want to make sure is in your lexicon:

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Right now this saying is not well-liked, but it is most definitely true.

Human beings are forever judging each other.  We have to.  It is critical that we surround ourselves with people of good character and trustworthiness if we want to lead a good and happy life.  And that means from the very beginning we are looking for signs of another person’s character.  How they dress, the expression they wear, the way they speak to other people, they are all part of what goes into a first impression.  We decide whether we want to know a person or not in the first thirty seconds.  And it can take a lot of hard work to change that impression.

This is why I make such a fuss over good manners, being a little old fashioned, trustworthiness, and having a good character on display for the world to see.  Because these can make or break the relationships that will make your life a little easier and a little happier.

I make it a rule in my own life to carry myself well.  I don’t always dress immaculately, and I wear a style that is meant to speak more of my masculinity than of my formality.  For me, the impression I want to create is that of a solid, stand-up guy that can be trusted to solve a problem; that is what I have made my life about.

It will be important as you grow up to decide what you are about, and work hard to give the best version of that impression as possible.  For my part, I hope I can do a good job of teaching you the sense of style and body language that will let you do that most effectively, once you know who it is that you want to be.

And that means that I will be a stickler for good use of language, good posture, respectfulness, and a good attitude.  And I know there will be times where I am going to be a pain in the butt about it, but I promise you that it is all worth it in the end.

Yours truly,


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