Newborn feet
Newborn feet
Newborn Feet, by Rainer_Maiores

Dear Son,

You were born today at 8:20pm on a cold and rainy October evening.  Most everyone around us was paying attention to a federal election here in Canada.  For us, and for your Grammie and Grampa, the only thing in the world of importance was you.  Our beautiful and brand new baby boy.

You were born strong, alert, and hungry, and I was in love right away.  Many men do not bond with their children right away, those deep feelings often take time.  But to me, with these letters I have been writing you, it feels like you’ve been in my life a long time already.

I’ve photographed your first few hours, and perhaps one day I will share those pictures with you, and now I can’t wait for my turn to hold you in my arms.  Soon your Oma and Opa, your Aunt Tisha, and your mother’s two closest friends Autie Jeanne and Autie Anna will be will be here to come see us – and you – very soon.

We love you son, and we are looking forward to seeing you grow.

This is far from the last of these letters, but it will be the last one written on a daily basis.  As you reach milestones, grow, and create wonderful memories, there will be many more letters just like this one.  This will be a special legacy made for you, of my thoughts, my feelings, and the lessons I learn from you over the next few years.


You are going to be well loved

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