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Dear Sons,

Today I changed the name of this weblog to “Letters to my Sons.” It has been nearly three years since I updated this text, and a lot has happened. I have been the work-at-home dad and caregiver, to my son, O., who is growing into quite a fine young man. And now I have a second son, T.on the way. I have learned so much and done so much, but had little time to put it all down in this diary.

As I watched T.’s heartbeat on an ultrasound today, I felt a renewed sense of urgency to make sure I pit it all down. Starting today, I hope to take time to write another daily letter… now from a much humbler, and wiser father.

As I intend to give you each a copy of this as a book when I feel you have reached an age to find it helpful, I am going to keep the old format, addressing you as “Son,” singularly. Sometimes, I might address you specifically as O. or T. if an letter is very person, and in that case, I will be sure to include it in your specific, personal copy only.

I so far stand by every word I have written to you, but three years of fatherhood have made me grow and mature a lot. I have nuance to add, and more to say on important topics. Being a father changes you, and almost entirely for the better, I hope my later letters reflect that truth.

With Love, Pride, and Hope,


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