"Peeking" by Liz West
“Peeking” by Liz West

This blog contains letters I am writing to my unborn son.  I want to collect for him what wisdom I have learned from the world.  It is a gift for him, when he reaches a level of maturity when I think they will be of use to him.  I have resolved to write him at least one a day until his birth, and probably quite a few afterwards.

I have devoted my life to creating works that help Men become happier, healthier, more passionate, and more driven.  Part of that process has always been, where possible, to help men become better fathers, and resolve outstanding issues with their own fathers as well.  If I can even help one father and son become closer, then publishing them serves me and my life’s mission in a beautiful way.

I guarantee you won’t always agree with me, or understand where I am coming from.  Parenthood is one of those topics that people can become quite rigid and territorial about.  After all, we are filled with terror that we are going to somehow “mess up” our kids.  When someone does it differently than we do, that can hit a nerve.  I don’t expect you to agree with me, I only invite you to read and consider.

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