Quotation by Douglas Adams

Technological Progress

Dear Son, It is amazing how much the world has changed over the last forty years.  Imagining what the world was like before your own childhood can be a very strange thing.  Technology, in particular changes very rapidly, and can change almost everything about our culture. If it was something created when you were very […]


A Few Manly Skills

Dear Son, There are a few little things that every Man ought to know how to do.  Little things that I know I am going to love teaching you: To whittle. To catch a fish. To clean and dress a wound. To barbecue a steak. To shave with an actual razor. To fix a power […]

difference between a boss and a leader

Leadership: The Basics

Dear Son, Leadership is a topic I write about, teach about, and train others in extensively.  It is a topic that is often very poorly understood.  A lot of people mistake commanding, directing, or managing people for leading them.  The fact of the matter is that leadership can happen in all of those contexts, but […]

Group of Friends on an Outing

Value Your Friendships

Dear Son, As a corollary to my article on the value an purpose of money, I want to say that there is nothing in the world more important, more precious, and more rewarding in your life than good friends. People have all kinds of relationships with their family.  I hope ours is a good one, […]

American Football

Learn to Like Sports

Dear Son, When I was your age, I hated sports.  I hated talking about them, I hated watching them, and I hated playing them.  A lot of this came from being an outsider among the other boys in school.  I was not popular and they let me know it through bullying, social snubs, and the […]

Friends Shaking Hands Across a National Border

Every Relationship is a Work in Progress

Dear Son, Every relationship you have is always going to be a work in progress.  You build them up slowly over time with the interactions you have with the other person.  Each little thing you do that is kind, caring, decent, or fun with the other person – each thing that gives them a chance […]

Settles of Cataan Game Board

Never Stop Playing

Dear Son, As I write this letter to you, my computer beeps and boops constantly from messages from your uncle Luke, his best friend Danny, and my best friend, your “uncle” Michael.  I’ve been hearing from them non-stop as we are planning one of our favorite activities together, a role-playing game campaign. When I was […]