Antique Clock

Down to the Wire

Dear Son, I’m a little behind on these, and hoping that I can make them all up in short order, while still writing some quality letters to you.  In the past few days, your mother and I have been assembling and disassembling more furniture, building toys, washing clothes, cleaning, and putting things away.  We’ve even […]

Sunrise over a Cloudy Mountain Vale


Dear Son, I am writing you this email at seven in the morning on a Saturday.  These days my usual custom is to sleep in until 10 or so on a Saturday morning, but today a sound woke me a 6:00 and I could not get back to sleep.  I decided to get up and […]

Psychology Module

Headaches and Self-Care

Dear Son, Yesterday I was down with a migraine most of the day.  I get them from time to time, and I know that there is a genetic component to them, as Oma gets them, and so do her sisters.  It is possible that when you get into your early twenties that you will be […]

St. George and the Dragon

Men are for Slaying Dragons

Dear Son, In my last letter, I wrote about the difference between Boys and Men, and what it means to be a Man.  The shortest way to summarize it is this.  To be a Man isn’t just to have a man’s body and mind – it is understand that that body and mind are powerful […]

American Football

Learn to Like Sports

Dear Son, When I was your age, I hated sports.  I hated talking about them, I hated watching them, and I hated playing them.  A lot of this came from being an outsider among the other boys in school.  I was not popular and they let me know it through bullying, social snubs, and the […]

Consumer Society

Fake Happiness

Dear Son, One of the most important things that I can teach you is the difference between real and fake happiness.  Most people don’t understand that there is a difference, and will endlessly consume the fake stuff, because that is what the mass media tends to sell them.  And they live worse lives for their […]

Sparring Grizzly Cubs


Dear Son, By the time you are old enough to read this letter, it will probably be absolutely no surprise to you to hear that one of my favourite things in the world is to  roughhouse with laughing children.  Wrestling, tickling, pillow fights, foam-sword duels, water-gun shootouts.  I plan on filling your childhood with as […]

Dolphin in a Bottle in the Desert

The Engines of Creativity

Dear Son, The thing that really runs this world is Creativity.  Creativity thinks up the experiments that allow science to teach us about the world.  Creativity lets philosophers come up with new ways to understand beauty, truth, reality, and goodness.  Creativity lets businessmen turn ideas into things you and I can buy in a store.  […]

Water Drop

Take Time for Stillness

Dear Son, The world is increasingly filled with noise, activities, entertainments and distractions.  I’m fortunate growing up when I did that I have been able to witness the acceleration of our culture in a big way. When I was little, computers were something used by big companies and scientists, not everyday people.  I was one […]