Statue of Nike in the Cinquatenniare Park in Brussels

Over the 100 Mark!

Dear Son, My last letter, “That’s Offensive!” marked my 100th letter to you.  This has been quite a journey of self-exploration for me.  I have been asking myself certain questions constantly: “How can I help my son become a good man?” “Which books can I share and would love to be able to talk to […]

boy watching the rain

Idea-People and People-People

Dear Son, Many of my posts over the past couple of weeks have been political to some extent or another. I sometimes can be a bit boorish: I like talking about and thinking about the political… But the truth is that while politics are somewhat important, they are also boring as hell! The world is […]

Norman Mailer

A Quote

Dear Son, Some days a short quotation for a wise man can be a far better message than a long letter.  This is one I want to make sure you know well: -Dad

Group of Friends on an Outing

Value Your Friendships

Dear Son, As a corollary to my article on the value an purpose of money, I want to say that there is nothing in the world more important, more precious, and more rewarding in your life than good friends. People have all kinds of relationships with their family.  I hope ours is a good one, […]

Man Canoing at Dawn


Dear Son, One of the most important things I can teach you as a father is how to have Integrity.  It is a complex concept, and one that, like respect, many people misunderstand and misapply, to their own unhappiness. To have Integrity means to work towards becoming one kind of man in action, deed, and […]


Don’t Wait to be Discovered

Dear Son, In many industries, music, writng, art, and acting, for example, there is a myth that you have to “wait to be discovered.”  Actors are expected to do theater and auditions forever before they are “discovered” by a talent scout and get a role in TV or a movie. “Writers” are expected to publish […]

Friends Shaking Hands Across a National Border

Every Relationship is a Work in Progress

Dear Son, Every relationship you have is always going to be a work in progress.  You build them up slowly over time with the interactions you have with the other person.  Each little thing you do that is kind, caring, decent, or fun with the other person – each thing that gives them a chance […]

Dolphin in a Bottle in the Desert

The Engines of Creativity

Dear Son, The thing that really runs this world is Creativity.  Creativity thinks up the experiments that allow science to teach us about the world.  Creativity lets philosophers come up with new ways to understand beauty, truth, reality, and goodness.  Creativity lets businessmen turn ideas into things you and I can buy in a store.  […]