Masked Protester

Virtue Signaling

Dear Son, One of the most obnoxious habits that people have today is a behaviour called “Virtue Signaling.” I want to be sure that you know it for what it is, so that you avoid doing it yourself, and are mindful of people who engage in it. Virtue Signaling is when someone makes either low-risk, […]

Quotation by Douglas Adams

Technological Progress

Dear Son, It is amazing how much the world has changed over the last forty years.  Imagining what the world was like before your own childhood can be a very strange thing.  Technology, in particular changes very rapidly, and can change almost everything about our culture. If it was something created when you were very […]


Locked Posts

Dear Son, There are post here that are just for you, not anyone that I might share this work with.  They all use a single password that I will give you along with this blog. These are letters of a deeply personal nature, and you should be careful with whom you share them. One thing […]

Shocked Girl

“That’s Offensive!”

Dear Son, Today the battle-cry of many dangerous and hateful people is “That’s offensive!”  They have succeeded in fooling the whole world into believing that words can do actual harm, especially to people who belong to certain groups.  It is nonsense and idiocy at its absolute highest level.  Words might hurt feelings, but they only […]


Don’t Wait to be Discovered

Dear Son, In many industries, music, writng, art, and acting, for example, there is a myth that you have to “wait to be discovered.”  Actors are expected to do theater and auditions forever before they are “discovered” by a talent scout and get a role in TV or a movie. “Writers” are expected to publish […]

American Football

Learn to Like Sports

Dear Son, When I was your age, I hated sports.  I hated talking about them, I hated watching them, and I hated playing them.  A lot of this came from being an outsider among the other boys in school.  I was not popular and they let me know it through bullying, social snubs, and the […]

Consumer Society

Fake Happiness

Dear Son, One of the most important things that I can teach you is the difference between real and fake happiness.  Most people don’t understand that there is a difference, and will endlessly consume the fake stuff, because that is what the mass media tends to sell them.  And they live worse lives for their […]

Emergency Helicopter Rescuing Person from Forest Fire

Prefer Actions Over Words

Dear Son, Anyone can talk a good game.  They can tell you all about what they think and believe, and it costs them nothing but the energy to move their lips.  In other words, talk is cheap. Action, on the other hand, costs.  It takes up calories, it comes with risks and consequences.  People can […]