forest path


Dear Son, Life is a balancing act.  However much some ideologues might promise it to us, we cannot have everything we want.  When we choose one path, another path is lost to us.  This is why it is important to have good critical thinking skills, strong values, good character, and a powerful code of ethics.  […]

prayer wheels


Dear Son, No human being can know the future.  We can’t control the thoughts, feelings, or actions of other people.  Even if we could, we would have no right to do so. And that means that we have to have some faith when we make decisions. Faith is a funny word, it has a few […]

Statue of Nike in the Cinquatenniare Park in Brussels

Over the 100 Mark!

Dear Son, My last letter, “That’s Offensive!” marked my 100th letter to you.  This has been quite a journey of self-exploration for me.  I have been asking myself certain questions constantly: “How can I help my son become a good man?” “Which books can I share and would love to be able to talk to […]

Drips, by Hans

Rainy Days

Dear Son, It’s a dim and rainy day today.  I am sitting on the living room couch in an apartment I don’t think you’ll ever remember, even though it will be your first home.  Your mother is at the dining room table working away at important school material.  It’s quiet and cool, aside from the […]

Incomplete Carving on Tree


Dear Son, I think your Mother and I have finally settled on a name for you.  It’s something that we both felt was very important – to pick the right name for you to go through life with.  So many people these days are frivolous when it comes to naming their children.  Yours was one […]

Sunrise over a Cloudy Mountain Vale


Dear Son, I am writing you this email at seven in the morning on a Saturday.  These days my usual custom is to sleep in until 10 or so on a Saturday morning, but today a sound woke me a 6:00 and I could not get back to sleep.  I decided to get up and […]

Norman Mailer

A Quote

Dear Son, Some days a short quotation for a wise man can be a far better message than a long letter.  This is one I want to make sure you know well: -Dad


I’m Not Going to be a Perfect Dad

Dear Son, This week my letters have been sporadic to you.  I’ve been running around a lot, and so much of the time I’ve been writing them when I can, usually two or three at a time, and mostly in Evernote, and then copying them into this website when I find the time.  Sometimes I’ve […]

Young Couple in a Paris Park

If You are Going to Marry, Marry Young

Dear Son, I’ve spent much of the last six years of my life working with married men and couples who are looking to build a better life together.  It has been an opportunity to see the best and the worst in relationships.  I want to make absolutely sure that this blog gives you good relationship […]