Masked Protester

Virtue Signaling

Dear Son, One of the most obnoxious habits that people have today is a behaviour called “Virtue Signaling.” I want to be sure that you know it for what it is, so that you avoid doing it yourself, and are mindful of people who engage in it. Virtue Signaling is when someone makes either low-risk, […]

Hard Work


Dear Son, One of the things I see holding men back over and over again is a fear of being a burden.  They don’t share their thoughts or feelings, their creative works, or even their hopes because they are afraid of being a burden on others.  This can cause a lot of pain for a […]

Shocked Girl

“That’s Offensive!”

Dear Son, Today the battle-cry of many dangerous and hateful people is “That’s offensive!”  They have succeeded in fooling the whole world into believing that words can do actual harm, especially to people who belong to certain groups.  It is nonsense and idiocy at its absolute highest level.  Words might hurt feelings, but they only […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Good, Evil, and Racism

Dear Son, A lot of people today don’t believe in the idea that Good and Evil are real things.  They see them as just being words use to manipulate the masses.  They would rather imagine that the fairness or equality should be the ultimate measures of what is right or wrong. This moral relativism is incredibly toxic.  It […]



Dear Son, One thing I really hope is the case is that most of your memories of me will be of me as a pretty fit father… maybe a little thick abut the middle, but strong and trim.  Most of my life I have struggled with obsesity.  There are a lot of different factors involved […]

Quad at Oxford University, England

More on Postsecondary Education

Dear Son, In a recent letter I talked a bit about Universities and College, and making sure that your education suited the life you had decided to make for yourself.  There are other things that concern me about them that are just as worrisome as whether or not the degree itself is valuable. In the […]


Higher Education

Dear Son, I have no idea what to tell you about getting a good education, Son.  I am not sure anyone has a very good picture of what’s really going on.  When I was a teenager, there was a big push for as many people as possible to get a college or University education.  Guidance […]