Who am I?

brian2Hello, my name is Brian Rideout, and there are three things that bring me joy in my life:

My work as a life coach, which lets me turn ordinary guys into superheroes.

Writing on Mens’ issues and needs on my other blog.

Time spent with my beautiful wife.

Soon I will have a fourth reason to be joyous:


I have a son on the way.


I have always wanted to be a father.  When I work on a problem that I am having trouble understanding, I imagine how I would explain it to a son or daughter.  When I have pictured myself as an old man, I always picture myself talking on the phone enjoying hearing the stories of the life of an adult child.

My wife and I have been trying to have a child for four years – it has been four years of hard work and heartbreak.  Now we finally have a healthy baby boy on the way. I could not be happier.

I am creating this blog as an expression of the happiness and gratitude I feel, and as a way to begin the parenting process even before my child is born.  This will be a gift to him when he is old enough to read and enjoy it, and hopefully a resource he will treasure.

If, along the way, I can help some other fathers as well, that is even better!

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