Sword, Triumph, Victory

Forward Unto Victory!

Dear Son, Let me tell you the flip side of my last post.  You have the power to make your life great!  If you make good choices and remember that you are in control of what happens you you 90% of the time you can intentionally create a life that is full of happiness, love, […]

Hand Breaking Free of Chains

Don’t Play the Victim Game

Dear Son, One of the biggest mistakes in my life was buying the idea that I was a victim.  If I can teach you just one important lesson in life to prepare you to be a man, it is that being a victim is not noble, honourable, healthy, or productive.  It is the most toxic […]

Boy with Camera

Find Your Strengths

Dear Son, The real secret to being successful in your life is to find out what your strengths and talents are.  Everybody has things they are naturally good at, that come to them with little effort and that they are happy to do.  Once you know what your strengths are, the whole world opens up […]

Children Playing

Quality Time

Dear Son, I spent a lot of my day today preparing for a game with your mother.  We love to play fantasy role-playing games together, and have spent many, many hours immersed in worlds that we have created together. It is far from the first time and probably won;t be the last that I spend […]

Baby Boy and Father Cuddling

It is all Love

Dear Son, I don’t talk much about my spirituality.  I believe that how we find meaning in the universe is incredibly private.  I want to be careful as I raise you to help you make up your mind for yourself, rather than teaching you to think as I think.  I hope that you will look […]

Baby Boy

Life is Full of Joy!

Dear Son, Sometimes when I write these letters, I will have to write about the hardships and dangers of life.  That is because I want to make sure that I have prepared you to be a happy, prosperous adult:  a Man who is confident, a master of his emotions, and who stands up both for […]

Self Portrait in Grey

The Empty Places

Dear Son, As people grow up they all develop these emotional wounds that I call “The Empty Places”.  They come from needs that have not been met when we are young. A man whose parents didn’t show him enough love might grow up feeling a desperate need for others to love him. A man who […]

Alone by Upsplash

Intelligence Can Make you Lonely

Dear Son, Being Intelligent will give you the best chances to be successful, happy, and to live a long life, although it is no guarantee.  I plan on doing everything I can to help you grow your mind – to become a sharp and clear thinker.  I will teach you how to play with ideas, […]

Golden Mist

My Job as Your Father

Dear Son, You have something important to teach me: what it is to be a father. I took the first of those lessons from my father, your Opa, who was a wonderful, kind, and loving father.  He taught me how to laugh, how to be brave, how to love nature, how to love a woman, […]

The Fool

Where to begin?

Dear Son, Where do I begin?  I want to write to you about so many things!  It is hard to come up with a good starting point! When in doubt, I often turn to the Tarot for inspiration. (One day I will show you how to read it.) The first card in the Tarot is […]