The Fool

Where to begin?

The Fool
The Fool

Dear Son,

Where do I begin?  I want to write to you about so many things!  It is hard to come up with a good starting point!

When in doubt, I often turn to the Tarot for inspiration. (One day I will show you how to read it.)

The first card in the Tarot is “The Fool”, it is a card that represents leaping blindly ahead – taking that first leap of faith, or rolling up your sleeves and starting a project, so that you have some momentum, even if you aren’t sure exactly hoe to get to your end goal.  It also means birth.  It is a very appropriate card!

And I will certainly at times be a fool!

Sons look to their fathers for knowledge and wisdom.  We teach our sons the way of the world as best we know it.  A good father knows that he is going to be imperfect and wrong some of the time, and he hopes that his son will go out into the world and become even wiser than he is.

Some fathers play a game with their sons – if the son asks his father a question, and the father doesn’t know the answer, he makes up something strange and fantastical, and sees just how long and how strange he can stretch the story until his son catches him fibbing.

It is an interesting game.  It teaches the son a very important lesson:  even people who seem to be very wise can be wrong, and that people in authority, like your dad can be wrong, too.  Learning to ask whether the people in charge have your best interests at heart is very important.

But that is a foolish game!  And not one I want to play with you – I can think of so many other games that I can play that will help you learn how to think for yourself.

More than anything, I hope I have the courage to teach you those lessons in the simplest and scariest way possible – by learning to say two phrases that a lot of people are afraid to say:

I was wrong.

I don’t know.

I want to be as great a dad to you as my dad was to me, and I hope that as you are growing up you will find me as honest and humble as a good man and a good father ought to be.  Someone who is willing to see when he is being a fool, and someone who takes a few leaps of faith. Fathering makes The Fool of us all in that regard.


I love you son, and I can’t wait to meet you,


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