Baby Boy

Life is Full of Joy!

Baby Boy
Baby Boy by Greyerbaby

Dear Son,

Sometimes when I write these letters, I will have to write about the hardships and dangers of life.  That is because I want to make sure that I have prepared you to be a happy, prosperous adult:  a Man who is confident, a master of his emotions, and who stands up both for himself and what is right.  A man who is also secure in the knowledge that his father loved him unconditionally.

But for all that these articles can sometimes slip into focusing on the darker parts of life, I also want to make sure to teach you to celebrate life.

Because Life is Full of Joy!

As a baby I suspect you will help me learn that all over again!

The human mind, when it is at rest from exploring memories of the past or making plans for the future is innately joyous.  We are all innocent and full of wonder when we let go of worry and rumination.  When we stop for just a second to breathe deeply, feel the sun on our skin, or examine something with true curiosity, life becomes truly wonderful and beautiful.

That is why, son, I will be teaching you to draw, meditate, sing, and dance. When you draw something, you must study your subject with so much curiosity and care that you can’t help but feel joy.  When you meditate, all the noise of endless thinking disappears and all that is left is pure calm happiness.  When you sing without caring who is listening, your heart fills with joy because you are using your voice and mind to make something beautiful that lasts only while you are doing it.  And when you are dancing you are doing nothing except moving and letting that movement release all of your tension.

If I could teach you only one thing, it would be how to be joyous for a little time each day, because a Man who remembers how to be joyous keeps all the other troubles of life in perspective.  He is resistant to anxiety, depression, and obsessions that keep him from taking care of the problems in life.

We’ll be joyous together, Son, every day of your childhood that I a there!

In Joy,


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