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The Love of Reading will Take You Far

boy studying
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Dear Son,

From a very early age, I plan on reading to you.  Probably long before you will be ready to read yourself, because I want you to learn to love books of all kinds.  Learning to read, and loving books will take you a long way in your life. There will be many book recommendations as I write this blog, and where possible I will include a copy of the book here where you can download it.  I have added a special page where I will keep all of the books I recommend in one place as well.

Writing has been one of the most important inventions in human history.  It made it possible for someone to teach the important things that he has learned, and share it not just with his friends and his family, but with everyone in the world who needs it.  Once writing was invented, the wisdom and skill of men no longer died with them, it allowed us to start building our cultures and our knowledge up faster and faster.  Without it, we would not live in the world of wonders and safety that we enjoy today.

Fiction books will take you on adventures in a way that no movie or video game ever will.  Words and imagination together make an experience more immersive, more exciting, and more real to you than any media ever will.  You are master of the world in books:  you choose how the characters within it look and sound, how their words impact others, and how scary and exciting their experiences are.

Fiction can also give us a bridge:  when two people love the same books it gives them something they can share that is not limited by the technology they have at home.  A good book can help you make friends, or bring you closer together with someone.  Your mother and I spend many of our earliest dates speaking together about the book Jane Eyre, which I loved and decided to share with her, because I thought she would like it, too!  (Jane Eyre)

One I look forward to sharing with you about the same time I show you these works will be Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, which is my second favourite book of all time.  The first, Richard Bach’s Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah is one I will make a gift to you when you are a little older.  (Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus)

Nonfiction be it books, magazines, or the Internet gives you the power to learn something completely new without needing to find a tutor, to do so.  Hands on how-to instructions can let you learn incredible skills and discover talents you may have never known you had.  Books of science can help you understand the world around you.  Books of advice can make you a better leader, help you make the most of your time, or let you conquer fears and pain.  I make it a point to read at least one good self-help or non-fiction book every month, if not more.

In my work helping others, I often do my best work by knowing what book a man should read to help him get a better perspective on his problems, and I have a shelf brimming with books on overcoming fear, anxiety, stress, time management problems, doubt, disorganization, and far more.  That shelf has made many people’s lives better, and  you will always be welcome to borrow from it.

Right now I am reading parenting books obsessively in preparation for your arrival.  I hope that they will help me be an even better parent than I might have otherwise been.

I look forward to sharing my love of reading with you, so that it will help you grow up to be wiser, more skilled, and have deeper, more enjoyable relationships throughout your life.

With Love,


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