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Dear Son,

Today I did something I rarely do:  I shopped online.  I wanted to get a gift for Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Harald, because they are such a great support so far, and I expect will be long into your childhood.  I also got a present for your mother, and… rarest of rarities… a little something for myself in the form of a new courier bag to replace the old tattered one I carry around with me.

I only very rarely buy things for myself.

You see, every object you own takes energy to own.  Your mind is constantly checking in on you asking “do I know where my [x] is?”  The more you own, the more tired and unfocused your mind can be when you are traveling, working and running around.

Over the course of your life you accrue so many things. You receive gifts, you buy oddments, you collect discs, documents, and books.  Some of them are really valuable to you, some really are not. But they all exact energy to own.  Over time possessions can turn into clutter when you have too much.  A cluttered space is hard to rest and relax in. The things around you can distract you and break your focus.

Things weigh you down, as well, they create an aversion to being away from home, from traveling, and from leading an active lifestyle.  If you carry too much around with you, you will not be able to get up and go when you want.

Accordingly, I try once in awhile to clear out unnecessary things.  And I take stock of the items that I need, and the items that really matter to me.  That way I can let go of the other things if I need to, and will feel little loss.  I try only to accrue a few objects, and when I do, I make sure they are good, sturdy, useful items that will serve me well, rather than cheap junk.

I urge you to do the same:  collect only a few good things that matter to you, or help you work well.  Decorate your home to be beautiful, but also keep it simple.  If you own a vehicle make it one that is easy to own and maintain, not one that drains your wallet.  And above all, do not make the mistake of believing that things will bring you happiness.

With Love,


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