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Take Time for Stillness

Water Drop
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Dear Son,

The world is increasingly filled with noise, activities, entertainments and distractions.  I’m fortunate growing up when I did that I have been able to witness the acceleration of our culture in a big way.

When I was little, computers were something used by big companies and scientists, not everyday people.  I was one of the only kids my age with a computer in my home.  Nowadays everyone seems to be connected 24/7 with smartphones and data plans, and the whole of the Western world is wrapped up in video games, social media, and instant connection.

When I was little, televisions were small and expensive. Unless you were willing to spend a fortune for a satellite dish, you could pick up four or five local channels over radio waves, and buy access to handful channels – mostly network television – from a local service provider.  There were no specialty movie, sports, food, or shopping channels, and every channel was trying so hard to provide everything that most hours of the day, there was nothing worth watching.  By the time I was a teen, TV had gone to hundreds of stations, bought in packages through fibre-optic networks, with specialty stations for every taste… and now it is slowly becoming a dead medium that has tapped out all of its potential, and television is becoming another part of computing.

Video games have gone from dull but theoretically compelling activities to vast virtual worlds full of beauty, choice, and possibility… or into addictive casual puzzles people can spend hours playing and barely notice the time pass.  They are everywhere now, too.

Even boardgames have mutated from simple passtimes with a handful of rules like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly or Risk, to exciting mentally engaging puzzles that require critical thinking, social skills, and teamwork to succeed like Arkham Horror or Settlers of Cataan.

With all of the entertainment and hobby options we have available for today, most people have lost the knack of simply sitting and being still, meditating, or quietly spending time in a book or a craft for hours on end.  But it is in our moments of quiet and stillness that we are at our happiest.  When you take a moment fr stillness and silence, you feel joyous, your gain inspiration for creative products, you let go of stress, and you really appreciate how beautiful it is to be alive.

Learn to take time out from work and amusements.  It will help you feel more balanced in life.

In stillness,


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