Dolphin in a Bottle in the Desert

The Engines of Creativity

Dolphin in a Bottle in the Desert
Dolphin in a Bottle in the Desert, by Comfreak

Dear Son,

The thing that really runs this world is Creativity.  Creativity thinks up the experiments that allow science to teach us about the world.  Creativity lets philosophers come up with new ways to understand beauty, truth, reality, and goodness.  Creativity lets businessmen turn ideas into things you and I can buy in a store.  Creativity lets politicians and professors shape both the ideas and the ideologies that shape the world that we live in.  The human capacity to create something new and unusual is what has made us so successful.

I am going to do my best to nurture your creativity.  I hope to do so by teaching you to play in a way that lets you solve your problems as a child, and as you grow older, by encouraging you to experiment with arts, crafts, kits, and science experiments.  I will teach you how to draw mind maps and organize your thoughts so that they grow.

Mind Map entitled "L'Art Invisible" by Marion Charreau
Mind Map entitled “L’Art Invisible” by Marion Charreau (CC-NC-BY)

Creativity is the Engine of the World, and within each person there are three engines that drive creativity.  You need to nurture all three yourself to be at your most creative.  While I can show you the hows of using your creativity well, it will be up to you in your adult life to take care of yourself and keep the Engines of Creativity running strong.  They are:


Curiosity is one of the most powerful emotions and drives that a human being possesses.  The desire to understand the world – and the acceptance that we don’t know everything can work wonders.

  • When you are curious about other people, you stop making assumptions and start trying to learn about them; which is one of the keys to being a good help, a good friend, and a good negotiator.  Being curious about someone else is the surest way to both develop empathy and make friends.
  • When you are curious about culture you look back at the ideas and moments that shaped it: that helps you understand the world that you live in, and think critically about the ideas that are presented to you.  That is the basis of being wise. It also helps you be compassionate towards the people you don’t agree with, because you can see where their ideas are coming from.
  • When you are curious about the world and seek to understand it, rather than just trying to explain it away, you look for experiments that will prove or disprove your assumptions or answer your questions – which is the root of science and invention.
  • When through curiosity, you try to use your imagination to make sense of strange events in front of you, you begin to play with ideas in your head.  This will help you accept problems rather than rage against them.  It is also the root of storytelling and much of the greatest artwork and music in the world.

Learn to cultivate curiosity: to enjoy looking for answers, rather than assuming that you already have them, and you will find that you have an endless supply of new ideas and compassion for others.


Sexuality is a powerful driving force for both Men and Women.  For Men, it is our desire to earn love – to win praise and affection of women that has historically driven us to take big risks:  to hunt terrible game, to fight off raiders, to explore the world, to start businesses, and build kingdoms.  To win the love of a beautiful and loyal woman a man has to stand out as being a brave, strong and ambitious man.  (And in this day and age, to win the love of a man of quality, a gay many must at least be as strong and bold as the men he admires.)

Even though we rarely realize it or say it out loud, most men know that their need for that hardest-to-win and hardest-to-keep forms of love, Éros, the affection of our lovers and joy we have in the children they gave us, is what gets us up and going to work every morning.

Without someone to love, or so big a job ahead of them, many great and creative men like Beethoven imagined that they were winning the love of goddesses or angels that awaited them when their work was done.

And sexuality isn’t just about winning love – it is also about competing.  We take incredible joy out of winning and victory, out of knowing we are one of the best men out there.  Sometimes the thrill of proving we are a good choice is as wonderful as being chosen… Maybe more so, because victory is the result of our own hard work and discipline.

To help drive your creativity, treat your sexuality with respect.  Choose your lovers well, and make sure you are totally present when you are with them.  Enjoy the relationship both in and out of the bedroom.  Fill it with flirtation and fun.  Work hard to maintain it while it lasts.

The Inner World

Inside each of us is a world full of ideas, symbols, and images.  It is a place where we explore possibilities, and shape the world as we thing it should be.  That world grows and changes with each new wonderful image, breathtaking experience, incredible story, or beautiful song that we experience.  And it also changes with every disappointment and bad thing that we wish we could change.

You visit your inner world in dreams, daydreams, art, play, and games.  When you create a work of art, a new game, or tell a story, you are reshaping the Outer World to look a little more like your inner world, and in doing so making it a little bit of a more vibrant, interesting, and hopefully a better place.

Many people neglect their inner world.  They choke it out with art, music, and experiences that didn’t really enjoy by listening to music only because it is popular, by watching TV they don’t like just for something to do, by stuffing their eyes and ears with pornography, junk memes, or propaganda.  They choose not to read, except for fluffy soft-copy in magazines meant to make people want whatever is being advertised on the page across from the article.  This fills their inner landscape with weeds, and makes it a place they don;t enjoy visiting.

Other people never let it out; they don’t write paint, story-tell, or invent. For them the inner world can be a sad place because it seems so much better than the world outside of them, and they don;t realize that if they put some effort into it, they can bring that inside world out.

Keep you inner world vibrant by keeping your information diet carefully balanced.  Go out and do exciting things, see beautiful places, and have fun with friends.  Keep screen time to a minimum, and allow yourself unstructured time where you can be bored.  Learn to love reading, and choose stories that inspire you.  Engage in a creatve hobby that lets the Inner World out, and above all, take time to daydream.

Imagining you,


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