Balanced Meditation Stones on Water

Keep Yourself Balanced

Balanced Meditation Stones on Water
Balanced Meditation Stones on Water, by realworkhard

Dear Son,

This weekend I pushed myself too hard, and found myself feeling frayed, frazzled, and overstimulated.  While I was working on The Wild Man Project blog today I found myself unable to concentrate, and every little sound made me grumpy and distracted.  It was a good reminder to me that sometimes you need to stop and take care of your inner balance.

Sometimes there is just too much going on in our lives, and we feel like we have to run just to catch up.  When we get in this state, however, all that running will get us nowhere.  We always do our best work from a place of calm focus.  I guarantee you that if you take five minutes out to meditate, exercise, or just have a cup of coffee, as I did before switching gears to write you this letter, things will seem less intense and overwhelming.

From that place of calm you will find new and creative ways to handle the problems in front of you.  You will be able to look at the time and prioritize your tasks. And thanks to your meditation, you will have the power to focus on each task in front of you until it is complete with less time wasting and distractions.

Stress makes simple tasks seem like impossible odds.  This feeling, like many, is an illusion.  In the tarot there is even a card to represent that:  The Eight of Swords.

 eight of swords
Eight of Swords from the Revelations tarot by Zach Wong

There is no obstacle that you cannot think or work your way out of or around, just remember, like the upside-down figure in the image, that the first step is to stop, breathe, and look at the situation.

For me, today’s stress – and your mother’s sage advice to get a cup of coffee was a great reminder.  And a lesson I want to be sure to pass on.

From a calm place,


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