Emergency Helicopter Rescuing Person from Forest Fire

Prefer Actions Over Words

Emergency Helicopter Rescuing Person from Forest Fire
Emergency Helicopter Rescuing Person from Forest Fire, by ThePixelman

Dear Son,

Anyone can talk a good game.  They can tell you all about what they think and believe, and it costs them nothing but the energy to move their lips.  In other words, talk is cheap.

Action, on the other hand, costs.  It takes up calories, it comes with risks and consequences.  People can say all kinds of things, but actions actually show you want they mean, and what they intend for the world.

The best policy when trying to understand another person is to listen to what they say, and give them the benefit of the doubt, until such time as you can see their actions.  Then you know the real character of the person involved.

The same is true for causes and ideologies. If you want to understand an ideology, don’t look at the dictionary definition, or the speeches of their representatives, read the books they believe, and look at the actions of the groups that those ideologies form.  For example, don’t judge feminism by the professors, judge it by the actions of organizations like N.O.W.;  don’t judge progressivism by their narrative of a better future, look at how student campus action groups deal with their fellow students.  Don’t judge a charity by the words, look at how they spend the money they are entrusted with.   The energy they spend speaks much more loudly than fancy pamphlets and professorial lectures.

And that means as well, when you believe in something, don’t just talk or advocate, do something.  Spend some time volunteering.  Right now I sit on the board of two community action groups, and I run a business helping the people I think need the most help.  That does more for the people I want to help (at least in theory) than anything  I could say.  I encourage you to do the same.

And it means when you love someone or care about them, spend time with them enjoying their company, rather than just telling them how you feel.

And in romance, that means showing a person you are interested in them with dates, gifts, romantic gestures, and more, not “telling them how you feel.”

People love a man of action, son, because they know where he really stands.  They can tell if his actual beliefs are in line with his words, or if he just says what people want to hear.  Strive to speak with actions as well as words, and people will trust you far more.

And as actions speak louder than words, know that I won’t just encourage you:  if there is a cause you believe in and want to volunteer for, I will help you get involved, and put some hours into it, too.



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