D&D cover art

Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Shadowrun, and Other Engines of Creativity

D&D cover art
The cover Art from the Basic Dungeons and Dragons game I got in 1985. (Art by Larry Elmore, © 1982, TSR inc.)

Dear Son,

Few things have brought me joy quite like Table-Top Role Playing Games. Games like Dungeons & Dragons have been a part of my life since I was seven years old.

My closest friendships have grown over these games. In fact, your mother and I built much of our early friendship around games of Shadowrun.

The fusion of storytelling, acting, writing, math, and history that is required to play games like D&D helped me accel in school. By the time I was your age,  I was reading at a college level, pretty good at math, and was very active in community theatre.  All thanks to having a hobby that actively engaged and challenged my mind!

I also had a very active social life – I was surrounded by friends, and my friendships were strong because we had something to do together that we all looked forward to. I worry about children today; they rarely have the same freedom to play outside, move around, and meet with friends that they used to. The screens – especially video games – just seem to swallow them up. Time online with your friends is not remotely as rewarding as time spent together in person.  A hobby that gets you face-to-face around a table is invaluable for creating good relationships.

You will grow up with these games around, and I really hope that you will come to love them as much as your mother and I do.  If they turn out not to be your thing, then I hope that I can help you find something that enriches you as much.

With love,
Dad ( and DM)

Elmore Cover Art for Shadowrun
Cover art for the first two editions of Shadowrun, which I first got in 1992, (also by Larry Elmore. ©1989 FASA inc.)

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