Baby with a Pile of Colourful Toys

Consumerism and Minimalism

Baby with a Pile of Colourful Toys
Baby with a Pile of Colourful Toys, by PublicDomainPictures

Dear Son,

I am writing this letter to you as your mother and I are browsing a baby store for essentials, toys, etc. for a gift registry. We are preparing for your arrival by making sure that you have the things that you will need to be safe, comfortable and happy.

The baby biz  is booming these days, with thousands of fancy, high-tech gadgets, exciting toys, and cute, decorative items like blankets and bibs.

The temptation to create a huge registry full of every conceivable thing that you might want, or be delighted by.  Showering you with presents is a natural urge for us.  We are loving parents and you are very wanted.

But it is not an urge that serves us or you. It is one that goes back to a time when people had  much less. Today I need to be very mindful and choose what you will need, or what will help you best with your learning and development… and not to feed the scarcity-minded/consumerist impulse that we all have.

In the end you will hardly remember the baby toys and colourful blankets we wrap you in. You will remember being war and safe and loved.

Today more than ever I need to be a minimalist. Because I want the best for you, I need to be wise, and make sure I teach you from the beginning to choose the things that you have carefully.  And I need to make sure that I am focused on what is important for you, rather than what is exciting or appealing to me.

With love,

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