Joyous Man Playing Music

Choose to be Happy

Joyous Man Playing Music
Joyous Man Playing Music, by Frizareihan

Dear Son,

There is really only one thing I want for you, and every letter I write here is meant to be a pointer towards that one thing:  I want you to be happy.

I write about critical thinking, reason, and philosophy, because they will help you see the world as it is, rather than as people with agendas want you to see it.

I write about mental balance, meditation, and focusing on Now, because they are important to being happy.  I write about creativity, the inner world, music, and books because these are things that will give you the energy you need to be happy.

I write about having good character, good manners, and good judgment so that you will have the skills to form relationships with people who will be good for you and treat you with respect that you truly deserve.

I write about focusing on action over words so that you will know what it takes to be a person who handles his problems, instead of thinking about them until they start affecting your happiness.

Ultimately, Happiness is a choice.  A man who is in command of his mind can make the choices that makes happiness easy, and once he has made it easy, he can actually choose to feel happy.  You create it for yourself by choosing to constantly grow and improve, by being grateful for what you have, by choosing to focus on what you can control in your life rather than worry about what you can’t, and by taking care that you keep your mind focused on the good and beautiful things in life.

Happiness is easiest when you are healthy, are in control of your money, and are surrounded by good friends.  You create it most often by spending time with your loved ones, or when you are expressing your inner world through creativity.

I want to give you every skill, mental frame, and piece of advice that I can to give you the best possible chance at happiness.

The Sun in the Thoth Tarot
The Sun in the Thoth Tarot, designed by Aliester Crowley, Painted by Frieda Harris

In Tarot, happiness is represented by The Sun for a good reason.  The Sun is also our source of health, and light.  Through light the Sun is also our source of knowledge and understanding.  It usually depicts either a young boy on a horse, or two lovers (or children) giving thanks to the sun, showing that happiness is something active .  They are usually depicted with a banner or flag to show that they have made choices and planned to be happy.  That is a very wise image.  I hope it is one to inspire you.

In Joy,


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