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Decide for Yourself

Puzzle Drawing
Puzzle Drawing, by Alexas_Fotos

Dear Son,

You may have noticed that in this blog I focus a lot more on critical thinking, mental health, and developing skills than I do on big issues in the world.  A lot of people who write projects like these want to share their political views with their children.

Honestly, there is a temptation there.  I would be thrilled if you grew up with many of the same beliefs as I do.  That’s only natural, but it is also selfish.  I would rather  you be wise and think me a fool than think me wise, and so be a fool.

There are some natural offshoots of my ideas that I am sure you can figure out here.  My belief that playing a victim is self-destructive, my distrust of ideology, and my belief that it is you, not college professors, who are the smartest people in the world, definitely undercuts many of the powerful movements of the day.  My views on freedom, certainly have political implications.  My discussion of Ayn Rand was very political, in its way.

But in the end, what I want is for you to think for yourself.  I want you to be wise, happy, and free.  Occasionally that will mean that you will think differently than me, do things I would not do, and make choices in your life that are definitely not the ones I would have made.  And when you do, I will be a proud father. Because I will have done my job.

On that basis there are many subjects were I will never tell you what to think, and will only offer my opinion if you ask for it.  They are something that every man should think about and draw his own conclusions, tather than rely in the thoughts and opinions of others:

  • Is religion important or a distraction?  Which one should I choose? Or should I choose none?
  • What role should government play in our daily lives?  Should there be any?
  • What is the relationship between morality and the Law?
  • Is Abortion morally neutral or is it something else?
  • What philosophies and ideas should shape our culture?
  • Should we allow others to speak when they are ignorant?  When we  disagree with them?
  • What is marriage? Who is a part of it?  Who should moderate it?

Like all good puzzles, life is something more satisfying when you figure it out for yourself.

In Wisdom and Folly,


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