Camping by the Lake on a Starry Night


Camping by the Lake on a Starry Night
Camping by the Lake on a Starry Night, by Unsplash

Dear Son,

Today I am sitting in a little cabin outside of Bobcaygeon today – away from the Internet, traffic noise, and the usual craziness of everyday city life.  It reminds me of growing up by the sea in Nova Scotia – minus the fog horns.

When I was growing up, computers were brand new.  The Internet didn’t come into existence until I was a teenager.  Life was much quieter.  It was easier to be both bored (which, as I have written to you in another letter – is a good thing), and easier to relax.

Sometimes it is important to spend time outdoors, and get way from technology and distractions  You have a chance  to unwind and release stress.  There are emotions that only come to human beings when they are close to nature:  “Ocean awareness” and “Desert awareness”… feelings of peace and perspective that you get distracted from when you are wrapped up in modern life.  Ones that make life considerably richer.

I hope that you will be able to experience this sort of peace and relaxation.  That you won’t get so sucked in to city life and Internet life that you have no interest in the outdoors, as happens far too often with children today.

I wish I could describe the beauty of this place and the peace it brings me.  Or the joy of being surrounded by friends and family in this simple way of living.

I hope that I can show you.


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