The Fun Grownup

kids on silver dollar lake
Kids on Silver Dollar Lake, photography by Harald Bertling

Dear Son,

As I wrote you my last letter I spend a lot of time taking breaks to talk to your cousin Ciara – at age 7 .  I’ve know Ciara since she was born, and she has always been a precocious child, full of questions, opinions, and a love of noise and conversation.

I have always loved spending time with children – telling stories, and jokes; roughhousing, and sparring.  I’ve always enjoyed getting to be the “fun grownup” around the children of my friends.

I am going to cherish the times when I can just enjoy play and conversation with you.  Being a father is going to demand I be a different kind of adult around you than around Liam or Ciara.  It means I will have to be mindful of what you are learning and hearing from me in a different way.

I am making a promise to myself that I will do my best to balance my need to be a guide and teacher with my love of play and joy.


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