Father and Son Backpacking

The Kind of Dad that I Hope to Be

Father and Child Backpacking
Father and Child Backpacking, by kruszyzna0

Dear Son,

I hope to be the kind of father who is a constant, centering, compassionate presence in your life.  I hope to be the kind of man you come to when you are troubled, and feel safe and accepting of the guidance I can give you.  I hope to be someone you can come to to vent your feelings, and know that they will be respected.  And I hope to be the kind of father who does such a good job of these things that, eventually, you won’t need me at all.

I hope that I am able to teach you character, integrity, and critical thinking so that when you are ready for adult life, you are well-prepared for it.  I want to protect you against toxic ideologies that cause you to waste precious energy and time in your life for causes that don’t serve you.  I want especially to protect you from addiction to media, pornography, and the obsession we seem to have today with instant gratification.

I want to help you become the man who solves his problems instead of just talking about them. And one who values people over things.

That means I am going to have to do a lot of hard work to live up to becoming the kind of man that I want you to become.  Because there is no better way to teach than through example.

Son, fatherhood will make me a better man. You are a blessing on my life in ways that may never be visible to you, if I embrace them well enough.  So know how grateful I am for what you will do for me.

With courage,


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