Group of Friends on an Outing

Value Your Friendships

Group of Friends on an Outing
Group of Friends on an Outing, by kpgolfpro

Dear Son,

As a corollary to my article on the value an purpose of money, I want to say that there is nothing in the world more important, more precious, and more rewarding in your life than good friends.

People have all kinds of relationships with their family.  I hope ours is a good one, and that when you are an adult we will have a relationship that is akin to a friendship in many ways, but we cannot choose our family, and not all of us are fortunate in that regard.  Our friends and our lovers we can choose, and hopefully we choose well.

In the end it is the time we spend with our friends, building our relationships and sharing quality time with them that is the real wealth in life.  Money is only good for helping you make the time to be with them, and things are only there to make life easier so that you can enjoy that time.  All the growth, skill development, and personal honing you do is ultimately there for two reasons:

  • To ensure you are going to love what you do, and that it plays to your strengths and makes best use of your creativity.
  • And to make sure that you are always striving to be a man of quality and character that attracts good people into his life.

Because at the end of our lives, no one wishes we had spent more time in the office; no one wishes we had earned more money; no one wishes that he had been just a little more perfect.  In the end we worry about whether we made a difference in the world, and whether we loved and were loved well.

A book I will recommend on this is Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard, which sadly I cannot embed here for you, but will be happy to make a gift for you one day.

And so value and honour your friendships.  Hold your friends to high standards of character,and lead by showing quality in yourself.  Nurture your friendships, and choose to bring people into your life who are good, wise, generous of spirit, and who will challenge you to be your best and wisest self.  Choose people who love play, music, and books, as much as you do, so that you have common ground to build up.  And let them teach yu to love other things as well.

And for those people who turn out to be dangerous, self-destructive, and abusive, be ready to walk away.  Loyalty is a virtue and should go a long way, but it should stop when violence and abuse starts.

With Love,


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