Sunrise over a Cloudy Mountain Vale


yawning tiger
yawning tiger, by fmlk4u0

Dear Son,

I am writing you this email at seven in the morning on a Saturday.  These days my usual custom is to sleep in until 10 or so on a Saturday morning, but today a sound woke me a 6:00 and I could not get back to sleep.  I decided to get up and write a letter to a client of mine in Sweden that I knew would take some time to research and write out in sufficient detail.

Despite being groggy and slow this morning, I am glad I’m up.

A big part of writing that letter was listening to a few videos and deciding which ones to share to him.  He wanted to information that he could share with his wife about a problem they have, one I’ve dealt with twenty or so times before.  I didn’t need to watch them – just listen to make sure they had the right information.

As I sat here listening to these videos I let my eyes drift away from the screen, there was no reason to keep staring at it.  And I saw the most beautiful sky through the slates of the blinds in our current apartment – a sky turned pink and orange and yellow with the sunrise.  I just sat and watched it.

You mother’s work requires us to be up well before sunrise most days, but usually I am deep into work, or we are still showering and making breakfast when it comes up. I rarely just watch the sun come up.  It is easy to forget just how beautiful the sky can be when you let yourself get distracted. Taking the time to appreciate the majesty of nature is something we rarely do unless we are out camping. It was good to remind myself of it.  This morning I feel calm, relaxed, and easy-going in a way I don’t feel very often.

I feel like I am in perfect balance.

Sunrise over a Cloudy Mountain Vale
Sunrise over a Cloudy Mountain Vale by stevepb

When you have a chance some time, whether it is because you can’t sleep, we have an early flight, or we are just out and away from it all on a campground, take the time to sit and watch the sunrise, without doing anything else taxing on your mind. It can be a wonderful feeling.

The world is a beautiful place, Son.  If we take the time to appreciate and be grateful for it, it can work wonders for us.

In Peace,


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