father and son

Fatherhood Transforms a Man

father and son
Father and Son, by Mojpe

Dear Son,

Your mother and I went to our first birthing clss last night in preparation for your arrival.  We are getting pretty excited to meet you these days.  I don’t think that people can really understand just how amazingly a baby can change their lives and their minds.

You aren’t even here yet, and we are already very much in love with you.  The little kicks you start with at night, the sneaky way you alway stop moving if I put my hand on your mother’s belly whenever I try to feel you move.

I didn’t think that a child could change my life so thoroughly so early on.   It is changing my priorities, my plans, and my thoughts in a hundred little ways.  The world is a much clearer place in some ays when you have children.  I hope with all my hear that these incredible feelings turn into incredible actions.

With much love,


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