Incomplete Carving on Tree


Incomplete Carving on Tree
Incomplete Carving on Tree, by Antaranais

Dear Son,

I think your Mother and I have finally settled on a name for you.  It’s something that we both felt was very important – to pick the right name for you to go through life with.  So many people these days are frivolous when it comes to naming their children.  Yours was one we wanted to help tell you something about yourself.

Your first name we wanted to be something new – not a long-standing family name.  But one that reflects your Celtic heritage.  A name that reminds you about where you come from – what you carry with you, and may pass on to your children.  A Legacy of the Irish, Welsh, and Scots roots that your mother and I share.

Your middle name will be for my grandfather, who passed away in 2005.  He was a great man, and a loving one.  He valued family and friends above all else.  Even in his old age, he lived a life full of joy and laughter.  He also valued life and freedom, and served as a ship’s medic in WWII,  before returning to Canada to become a doctor.  I hope that some of the grand and loving spirit he embodied will be passed down to you.

And the last name is, of course, my own.  Your mother is doing me a great honour by passing it to you.  This was once something a man could simply expect.  Now, passing down the father’s name is becoming a vanishing tradition, and one that happens at a mother’s choice.  It is a strong name, and one with a lot of history that I hope to teach you.

I hope you wear it with pride.


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