A Few Manly Skills

Fisherman, by LoveToTakePhotos

Dear Son,

There are a few little things that every Man ought to know how to do.  Little things that I know I am going to love teaching you:

  • To whittle.
  • To catch a fish.
  • To clean and dress a wound.
  • To barbecue a steak.
  • To shave with an actual razor.
  • To fix a power cable.
  • To keep a journal.
  • To mix a couple of good drinks.
  • To find your way out of the woods when you get lost.
  • To make a good campfire.
  • To make a few useful home remedies.
  • To fire a bow.
  • To play chess.
  • To write at least a simple computer program.
  • To negotiate a deal.
  • Research a topic without the Internet.
  • To perform logical deductions.
  • To grow your own vegetables
  • To meditate.

Because I want you to hold me accountable, never hesitate to ask me to teach you any of those, if I am not moving at your pace.

Much love,


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