Drips, by Hans

Rainy Days

Drips, by Hans
Drips, by Hans

Dear Son,

It’s a dim and rainy day today.  I am sitting on the living room couch in an apartment I don’t think you’ll ever remember, even though it will be your first home.  Your mother is at the dining room table working away at important school material.  It’s quiet and cool, aside from the occasional slish of cars driving by.  Even our cats, Comet and Isis are quiet and peaceful.

I love days like these.  Many people don’t enjoy rainy days, because they can’t go outside. For me, though, they are my favourite type of day.  I can just sit and watch the rain fall, and all the colours of the world get washed to rich, cool tones.  It is a perfect day for stillness; for meditation and finding your balance.

By the time I give you these letters, you will be well past the time where cuddling up with dad and a cup of hot chocolate will be high on your priority list, but I hope that we will have enjoyed a few days like this together watching the rain.

With Love,


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