Statue of Nike in the Cinquatenniare Park in Brussels

Over the 100 Mark!

Statue of Nike in the Cinquatenniare Park in Brussels
Statue of Nike, Goddess of Victory, in the Cinquateniare Park in Brussels, by MVA

Dear Son,

My last letter, “That’s Offensive!” marked my 100th letter to you.  This has been quite a journey of self-exploration for me.  I have been asking myself certain questions constantly:

“How can I help my son become a good man?

“Which books can I share and would love to be able to talk to my son about?

“How can I help my son avoid making the mistakes I have made?

“What can I say that might make a 13 year-old boy in 2028 laugh?”

“What is the world going to look like when my son is becoming a man?

What is really important in life, and how do I share it?

“How do I balance telling my son all the most important lessons I’ve learned but still give him the power to think for himself?

“How can I make sure I respect my son’s own mind, rather than trying to make him a carbon copy of me?

“How do I show my son that the world is full of perils, but still also show him that beneath it all, it is a wonderful place.”

It has been an incredible tool for self reflection.  It has taught me just how much being a father requires me to hold myself to a different standard of consciousness.  I hope it is half as helpful to you as it has been to me.

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