Baby Clothes


Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes, by PublicDomainPictures

Dear Son,

Today, I have just put on my first load of laundry for you to ensure that you have clean clothes waiting for you when you get home.  Just a couple of weeks now, and you’ll be with us.  I spent much of my morning lifting and moving heavy furniture, so that we could make room in our bedroom for you, we need space for a crib, a change table, and a nightstand to hold all of your clothes.  Your Oma, and your Mom’s friends went pretty crazy loading you up with a handsome wardrobe.  You’ll be one of the best-dressed babies around.

I am excited, and right now, little things, like washing a few dozen sleepers, onesies, and swaddling blankets is very exciting.  I even coined a new phrase: “sproutfits” for your clothes.  Your mother and I love wordplay – movie quotes, bad jokes, puns, lines from our favorite stand-up comedians, and inside jokes.  You will have a rich household for language to come home to.  I look forward to seeing what sticks.

It seems like such a small thing, but these little chores are worth the world to me.




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