Dear Son, One thing I really hope is the case is that most of your memories of me will be of me as a pretty fit father… maybe a little thick abut the middle, but strong and trim.  Most of my life I have struggled with obsesity.  There are a lot of different factors involved […]

Psychology Module

Headaches and Self-Care

Dear Son, Yesterday I was down with a migraine most of the day.  I get them from time to time, and I know that there is a genetic component to them, as Oma gets them, and so do her sisters.  It is possible that when you get into your early twenties that you will be […]


Rituals and Growth Points

Dear Son, When I give you these letters you may be too young to appreciate coffee, but I make a damn fine brew.  I like to take my time and make sure that I use filtered water, a clean pot, and a well-rinsed basket. Much of the time, I grind my own beans freshly, too.  […]

Joyous Man Playing Music

Choose to be Happy

Dear Son, There is really only one thing I want for you, and every letter I write here is meant to be a pointer towards that one thing:  I want you to be happy. I write about critical thinking, reason, and philosophy, because they will help you see the world as it is, rather than […]

Settles of Cataan Game Board

Never Stop Playing

Dear Son, As I write this letter to you, my computer beeps and boops constantly from messages from your uncle Luke, his best friend Danny, and my best friend, your “uncle” Michael.  I’ve been hearing from them non-stop as we are planning one of our favorite activities together, a role-playing game campaign. When I was […]

Balanced Meditation Stones on Water

Keep Yourself Balanced

Dear Son, This weekend I pushed myself too hard, and found myself feeling frayed, frazzled, and overstimulated.  While I was working on The Wild Man Project blog today I found myself unable to concentrate, and every little sound made me grumpy and distracted.  It was a good reminder to me that sometimes you need to […]

Couple Making Out

Choose Your Lovers Well

Dear Son, I plan on being incredibly frank with you about love and sex.  In my work, sex and sexuality is a central theme, and helping men get past sexual blocks in their life is often critical to helping them become successful in other areas.  Our sexuality is one of the engines that drives our […]

Ruined Building in Maracaibo, Venezuela

The World is Not as Dark as it Seems

Dear Son, As you grow up, I will encourage you to keep track of current events in the world, and teach you how to think about them critically and form your own opinions.  It will be a proud day for me when you choose to disagree with my opinions because your reason leads you to […]


Balance Your Mental Diet

Dear Son, Just like your body, your mind will be shaped by what you put into it.  The world is full of junk, physical and mental, and you have to be careful just how much you consume.  Unfortunately, while we know junk food when we see it, junk information is so much harder to identify. […]