forest path


Dear Son, Life is a balancing act.  However much some ideologues might promise it to us, we cannot have everything we want.  When we choose one path, another path is lost to us.  This is why it is important to have good critical thinking skills, strong values, good character, and a powerful code of ethics.  […]

Laughing Boy


Dear Son, I have a pretty unusual take on feelings.  One that is at the core of my work.  And it is one I sure hope that I can teach you, because it has made my life a lot better for holding it. Feelings are fleeting:  They start involuntary – we all feel angry, sad, […]

Bride and Groom Dancing

Husband Goggles

Dear Son, Every good husband or serious boyfriend takes pride in the wisdom, character, beauty, and achievements of his lover:  he wants her (or him) to be Happy, after all.  Sometimes we wear what many men in the Game community call “husband goggles” – we see our lovers as smarter, more beautiful, and more talented […]

Sexy Male Model

“Game” and Pick-Up Artisry

Dear Son, One of the stranger developments for men in the past few years has been the evolution of Pick-up Artistry.  As dating and romance have become more and more confusing, a few men got together and figured out exactly what it takes to bed a woman.  Fewer skills or subcultures have inspired more controversy […]

Handsome Young Man

What Boys Want

Dear Son, In my last letter I talked about what Girls find attractive in Men, which for a guy who works with married couples as much as I did was not much of a challenge.  But if nothing else, I want these letters to embrace the love I feel as a father to his son.  […]