Joyous Man Playing Music

Choose to be Happy

Dear Son, There is really only one thing I want for you, and every letter I write here is meant to be a pointer towards that one thing:  I want you to be happy. I write about critical thinking, reason, and philosophy, because they will help you see the world as it is, rather than […]

Balanced Meditation Stones on Water

Keep Yourself Balanced

Dear Son, This weekend I pushed myself too hard, and found myself feeling frayed, frazzled, and overstimulated.  While I was working on The Wild Man Project blog today I found myself unable to concentrate, and every little sound made me grumpy and distracted.  It was a good reminder to me that sometimes you need to […]

The Fool

Where to begin?

Dear Son, Where do I begin?  I want to write to you about so many things!  It is hard to come up with a good starting point! When in doubt, I often turn to the Tarot for inspiration. (One day I will show you how to read it.) The first card in the Tarot is […]